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Can't stop the signal.
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I freaking love these artists. They are wonderful and super-talented!!

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So tired. by DystopiaNoir So tired. :icondystopianoir:DystopiaNoir 0 0
Count Them, I Dare You
Lights up on a blank white stage. A woman is sitting in a chair, front and center. Her eyes are wild, her hair a wreck, and her clothing needs to be either entirely black (for a modern, clinical look) or bizarre (for the crazy look.) During her monologue, she can glance about, muscle spasms kind of thing, or just noticing something and reacting abruptly. She can interject a "OH MY GOD" and then sit, trembling, for a few seconds, before continuing her monologue from the point she left off, wherever she feels most comfortable.
JANE DOE: I used to be as happy and sane as you. I started to notice them when I was a young woman. Perhaps I was still a child. It's hard to tell for me. I need rules, you see. If there is no rule to define something, there is no definition, and there is no way for it to exist. I have to have rules, now. It wasn't always that way. I remember butterflies. I was fifteen when the numbers started. Whenever I looked at the sky or a page or even people, I counted things
:icondystopianoir:DystopiaNoir 1 12
Reaching out by DystopiaNoir Reaching out :icondystopianoir:DystopiaNoir 1 0 Breathing. by DystopiaNoir Breathing. :icondystopianoir:DystopiaNoir 1 2 TGFU take 1 by DystopiaNoir TGFU take 1 :icondystopianoir:DystopiaNoir 2 1
Ask me To
If you asked me to,
I would climb up to the stars
and cut the silk-spun light
and bring it to you
for a gown,
weave it into your hair and
make you as beautiful
as the gods,
but you will not ask me to.
If you asked me to,
I would gather the four winds
in my left fist and the thunderstorms
in  my right, and we would
ride them like the noble steeds they are,
the chargers of the world,
and see every place
and learn every name,
but you will not ask me to.
If you asked me to,
I would take your lifespark,
the part of you that makes you you
and lock it in a chest under a bed
in a cave inside a mountain,
protected by the fiercest of dragons,
and you would never grow old,
and you would spend eternity in my arms.
But you will not ask me to.
If you asked me to,
I would hold you safe at night,
staying up until all hours as your vigilant protector,
wielding my sword against terrors both
real and imagined,
and let you sleep softly
and in peace,
but you will not ask me to.
If you asked me to
:icondystopianoir:DystopiaNoir 2 5
Spiderman, spiderman... by DystopiaNoir Spiderman, spiderman... :icondystopianoir:DystopiaNoir 1 11 Octopus 1 by DystopiaNoir Octopus 1 :icondystopianoir:DystopiaNoir 0 7
Int. Bedroom
Sam is asleep. His alarm clock blares loudly. His eyes open a little, sees the time, and gets up, grumbling. He grabs his laptop from the desk and opens up the internet. His home page is BBC or Yahoo News. His eyes widen as he scans the different header articles: Libya, Japan, gay rights issues, abortion issues, political corruption, et cetera. He sighs and closes his laptop, looking depressed.
Ext. Office building roof
Sam goes out to the roof of a building and just sits staring at the people passing by below, kicking his feet on the wall, thinking.
River, his best friend, finds him there (presumably) hours later.
You missed class today.
I couldn't take it.
River is a silent type and waits for Sam to fill the silence. Suddenly, Sam turns quickly, almost angrily, at River.
River, the world is going to hell! Japan's a mess, the Middle East is a mess, revolutions are cropping up all over Africa, politicians are lining their pockets, gay rights are
:icondystopianoir:DystopiaNoir 0 0
Illya Kuryakin by DystopiaNoir Illya Kuryakin :icondystopianoir:DystopiaNoir 1 2
Just Love Me
Jesus Christ, what can I do?
I can't keep living without you
your absence eating at my mind
or tell me please, just where to find
some peace and patience, I can't hold on
loving-kindness, that's been long gone
Add justice, truth, pile on the lies
I look in the mirror and despise
Can't you see
what you've done to me?
I waited and I prayed
I tried to keep you with me but just
Look at me,
so what do you see?
I'm waiting for you still to come
and love me.
love me.
:icondystopianoir:DystopiaNoir 1 3
I remember you,
or something like you.
Is sunlight the right word?
I can't
You were soft
And smelled like warmth
And wrapped me in your arms
And loved me.
And I gave you away,
To keep you safe.
If you must know,
The darkest thing I ever did
Was give you away.
When I grabbed my gun
And defended you with darkness against darkness,
I had to send you away to a place
Deep in my being
Where you might survive.
And now
I can't find you anymore.
I think the moment when I finally
Held up the gun,
And shot the darkness,
And felt the darkness behind my eyes drown me,
And you heard me say
"this is for you"
That is when you left.
Sunlight? Or
Am I remembering
Not sunlight. Innocence.
That was the word.
:icondystopianoir:DystopiaNoir 2 1
ACCESS DENIED by DystopiaNoir ACCESS DENIED :icondystopianoir:DystopiaNoir 0 0
You think I can't hear.
You think I can't see.
You think I don't know everything you say about me.
Kid stupid enough to get busted.
Kid stupid enough to be caught.
That kid who can't handle the real world.
That kid who has to do community service.
(But not woman. Always kid.)
It was a mistake, one in a million.
I understand that now.
Not everyone makes that kind,
but I was stupid,
I freely confess it.
I thought I could get away with what
my best friend
and boyfriend
and strange people I don't know
had all been busted for.
what to do now?
History's history for a reason.
Can't go back now.
And honestly,
I don't want to,
because you have made me like this.
I was a serious dancer.
I won a scholarship to a prestigious college
that was revoked.
I was the best
of the best
of the best.
And now it's over. No more chances.
You think I don't notice, but you're wrong.
I do notice
and I hate you for it.
:icondystopianoir:DystopiaNoir 1 0
Bomb Technician
I want to help.
I want to be close.
I want to hold you when you cry.
I want to laugh with you when you're happy.
   I want to be your friend.
I know we both have issues.
Who doesn't?
I just feel like I'm always trying to understand you,
like you're a safe with an always-changing combination.
To access your emotions,
our friendship,
I have to input a code
that changes
There is no guide book I can find,
so I have to guess,
and if I guess the wrong combination more than three times
I guess I can be a friend, by your definition, sometimes.
And I do want to be your friend.
But I'm not a bomb technician.
:icondystopianoir:DystopiaNoir 1 4
A PhinAndFerb-tastic Parody
Phineas and Ferb are watching a youtube video of a bad lipsynch.
Ferb: 1, 2, 3…
Phineas: Hey Ferb, I know what we're going to do today!
Ferb: 4, 5, 6, 7…
Phineas: Hey, where's Perry?
Phineas and Ferb are standing behind keyboards and guitars. Isabella and the Fireside Girls, along with Buford and Baljeet, wander up.
Isabella: Hey, Phineas! Whatcha' doing?
Phineas: We're writing a parody of Dynamite.
Buford: That stuff can be dangerous. I ate some for breakfast one time, and –
Baljeet edges away slowly.
Phineas: You guys want to help us out?
Isabella: We'd love to! *implied hearts and rainbows*
Phineas: Great! Let's get key-hoppin'.
A PhinAndFerb-tastic Parody
(In Phineas' perspective)
I like to build build build build
With Ferb but Izzy isn't thrilled thrilled thrilled thrilled
With a drill Buford's pretty skilled skilled skilled skilled
And Baljeet checks on what we're billed billed billed billed
'Cause we plan on and on and on
And we pla
:icondystopianoir:DystopiaNoir 5 3
My poor contributions to dA. Please don't laugh :3





United States
Just a writer who can be an artist when she tries really hard.
I have really, really intense emotions about people I become invested in even/especially fictional people. When it comes to the tv shows Castle and Chuck, my cup overflows, especially during both season finales.
Because I don't have cable or satellite, since I live in a ditch and there are freaking trees everywhere, it is impossible for me to get a signal and I watch the shows the next day on Hulu. Often on Tumblr there are spoilers, so I just try to avoid those as much as possible.

First-off: Castle made me cry like a little girl in the finale.
  • Watching: Castle/Chuck


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